Art Jamming at Imagination Land

Art Jamming at Imagination Land

Art Jam

Don’t need guidance for painting? Need the space and art supplies?

Come and Art Jam at Imagination Land. We’ll give you a hand when you need it and supply you with painting materials.  Bring music, snacks and a group of friends and spend an afternoon or evening getting CREATIVE!

Jam once a week:
Includes one canvas, easel, paints and brushes to use.
Book in one hour a week to come and do your own art after work or your studies.
Minimum booking of 4 one hour sessions
One session $100

Please call or visit us to book and find out available times.

Prices for a three hour session:
Includes one canvas per person, easels, paints, and brushes to use.
Two people (minimum) $250 per person
Four people $225 per person
Six people $200 per person

Art Jam with friends from 6 pm every evening, please call to arrange a time and find out availability.

Our number: 2553 0311

Our email: