The I-Land Team

"Work hard, play harder!"

Imagination Land is family run by brother and sister, John and Leah. All activities are permanently led by us - we're here for the long haul!

John Clough - 10 years teaching English and TEFL qualified.  John studied Ecology and is our science enthusiast; he brings a little chemistry into our art lessons! He believes in kids having a hands on approach to materials and being active.  That learning through discovery, exploring, and play is a key part in human development, along with encouraging inquiring minds. John is all about sports and energy – he is an early riser, keen hiker, and rugby player with a true passion for wildlife photography.

To see John's colourful photography in action please click here

Leah C. Wright- Leah is a drawing devotee with a love for all things creative. She believes in encouraging imagination, and nurturing the wonderful confidence kids have in storytelling and their no fear approach to art. Leah has background degree in Fine Art Drawing(M.A, University of the Arts London), and Drawing and Applied Arts (B.A, University West of England). Leah was born in Hong Kong and, like her brother John, attended Island School until she moved to England to study art, she continues to practice and exhibit in Hong Kong.

To view Leah's online portfolio please visit here or her facebook page

Ewan Wright - A former researcher in the Faculty of Education at The University of Hong Kong. He has published in leading academic journals about the skills young people need for success in the 21st century. Above all, Ewan is passionate about encouraging students to learn through practical activities and by pursuing extra-curricular interests such as art, music and sport. He is also a qualified and well-established English language tutor in Hong Kong. Ewan was born and raised in the UK and is an enthusiastic runner and footballer.